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Teen accused of grabbing woman's buttocks

A teen in New Jersey was charged for criminal sexual contact as a result of an incident that took place on Dec. 19. The teen was charged for the juvenile crime after NJ.com posted photos of him on their site on Jan. 20. Although a detective working on the case would not offer details about the teen's charge, he did say that publishing surveillance footage aided in the investigation.

According to police, the incident in question took place outside of a ShopRite store. While a 19-year-old woman from Jersey City was walking, the accused teen allegedly approached her and grabbed her buttocks. When the woman screamed, the accused teen reportedly fled the area. On Jan. 20, police publicized surveillance footage that was recorded near the scene and asked for witnesses to come forward with information.

4 detained for alleged parking lot drug deal

Elmwood Park police reported that four people were detained in a supermarket parking lot for an alleged drug deal on Jan. 9. The incident reportedly occurred around 5:00 p.m. in the Broadway Pathmark parking lot.

Officers indicated they witnessed an allegedly suspicious-looking vehicle pull into the parking lot. Officers stated they then saw another vehicle pull into the lot next to the first vehicle. After reportedly witnessing an exchange take place between people inside of the two vehicles, officers moved in.

Camden pedestrian accent leaves 1 man dead, 1 charged with crime

A Camden resident faces a charge of death by auto in an Oct. 4 crash that left another Camden man dead. The accident occurred at approximately 8:30 p.m. near the Westfield and Rosedale avenues, when a 53-year-old pedestrian from Camden was struck by a 2000 Ford Explorer while crossing Westfield Avenue. There was a witness present at the scene prior to police arrival.

The witness reported to authorities that the injured 74-year-old Ford driver from Camden exited his vehicle after the collision. The driver reportedly took several labored steps before collapsing. The witness took the Ford driver's keys and waited to turn them in to police responders.

New Jersey teenager arrested for manufacturing drugs

On Dec. 29, two Lacey police officers took a 15-year-old girl into custody at a residence on Leguene Avenue at approximately 5 p.m. Police were alerted to the scene after receiving reports that illegal drug activity was taking place in the garage of the residence.

The officers discovered that the teenage girl was using a system in the garage to manufacture a drug called "dabs." Dabs are a waxy substance made by infusing concentrated marijuana hash oil into a resinous form. The dabs are used in electronic vapor pens. The drug-infused vapor inhaled by the user is many times more powerful than the smoke created by consuming regular cannabis.

Police charge man in elf costume with DWI

The Riverdale Police Department reported that officers detained a man who was dressed like an elf on suspicion of DWI on Dec. 19. The incident leading to the man's detention reportedly occurred around 3:30 a.m.

Officials said that a suspicious vehicle in a large retailer's parking lot on Route 23 elicited a call to police. Allegedly, responding officers found the reported car's engine running with its lights on, its stereo resounding and its driver sleeping.

Understanding more about the juvenile system

Families in New Jersey may benefit from gaining a more thorough understanding of how people move through the Juvenile Justice Commission system. Juveniles are entered into the system once a complaint that charges the commission of a delinquent act has been verified. When a law enforcement officer has probable cause that a juvenile has committed a delinquent act, the subject may be taken into custody. Officers may conduct a station house adjustment or release the juvenile to a parent or guardian in lieu of issuing a delinquency complaint.

After a delinquency complaint has been signed and specific criteria are met, juveniles may be placed in custody at a secure detention facility. The police then refer the case to the court intake service in order to get the juvenile admitted to detention. The Juvenile/Family Crisis Intervention Units are designed to provide families with crisis intervention services that are short-term and help improve stability at the home.

Woman charged for DWI after hitting stop sign

A 50-year-old New Jersey woman was charged for DWI and other traffic violations after she was involved in a one-car crash on Nov. 24. The alleged drunk driving incident began in Flemington at around 9 p.m. when police received a report about a driver who had collided with a stop sign. When a police officer arrived at the scene, he discovered a fallen stop sign and pieces of a broken headlight and tire.

Minutes after the stop sign collision, the accused woman was pulled over along Route 31 by a Raritan Township patrolman. The woman had apparently been driving her SUV with a flat front tire before she was stopped. After she was transported to police headquarters, the woman's blood alcohol level was found to be over the legal limit, and she received a DWI charge.

New Jersey mayor charged with drunk driving

The mayor of Lambertville, David M. DelVecchio, was taken into custody for drunk driving in Burlington County on Nov. 9. He was pulled over around 1 a.m. on Route 130 in Mansfield.

Authorities claim an on-scene investigation showed that DelVecchio, 58, had consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel. He was allegedly unable to complete field sobriety tests for officers and was detained.

Woman changed with DWI after crash on Route 34

A woman from New Jersey faces multiple criminal charges stemming from an accident in Wall Township on Nov. 21. The reports indicated that the accident happened at 8:34 p.m. on the interchange between Interstate 195 and Route 34 and necessitated the closure of part of the road.

According to the police chief, the 47-year-old woman from Atlantic Highlands was merging from the interstate onto Route 34 northbound when her vehicle ran into another one. This caused an accident that left the driver of the second car injured. The Glendola Fire Department and Wall First Aid both responded to the accident. The unidentified driver of the second car was taken to Neptune's Jersey Shore University Medical Center for treatment of injuries, which were not reported to be of such severity that their life was threatened.

What three tests are commonly used for field sobriety tests?

Some readers from New Jersey may be interested in learning more about the Standardized Field Sobriety Test. The SFST is actually a compilation of three separate tests created by the Southern California Research Institute and sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The compilation includes the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, the walk-and-turn test and the one-leg-stand test. All three are intended to aid police officers in detecting someone who has been driving while intoxicated.

Someone who is under the influence of alcohol may be unable to visually track a moving object in some circumstances. The HGN test scrutinizes whether or not the eye jerks and if the jerking occurs at a predetermined angle. If these symptoms are present in sufficient quantity in one or both eyes, it is considered likely that the subject's blood alcohol content will be above the legal limit.

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