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Police lieutenant charged with drug offenses gets out on bail

A police lieutenant who was charged in a federal drug crimes case has recently been granted bail. The judge ruled to set the man's bond at $500,000 during his bond hearing. Still, the ex-police lieutenant, who was charged with drug offenses and other crimes, will have to don an ankle bracelet monitoring system and give up his passport during the remainder of his criminal proceedings.

According to the man's defense attorney, he was granted bond because of his status as a decorated and honored police officer with 22 years in the service. The accused man, who allegedly goes by the nickname "The Milk Man," also has excellent ties with his family and the community, his attorney said. Further, he agreed to appear at a New Jersey hearing within the next couple of weeks.

New Jersey river pulled from burning semi truck faces DUI charge

State troopers in New Jersey recently charged a semi truck driver with drunk driving. They also saved his life. According to authorities, the authorities arrived at a semi truck accident scene, where the truck was overturned and burning. They were able to successfully remove the driver from the cab of the truck, just before the cab was engulfed in flames. The man, whose life was saved, will now have the opportunity to defend himself against the DUI charge in court.

Apparently, two state troopers climbed into the overturned tractor-trailer's cab through a broken windshield in order to retrieve the truck driver. They ultimately pulled the driver to safety but, allegedly, not without a fight. The police described the driver as combative and extremely intoxicated.

6 charged with drug offenses in New Jersey

Police in New Jersey say that they recently seized over 300 heroin bricks, various contraband items and $20,000 in cash. Authorities say that the items were discovered in connection with a drug ring investigation. Six individuals were arrested on suspicion of operating the drug ring and charged with drug offenses ranging from drug ring conspiracy to illegal weapons possession.

The investigations and arrests were carried out by New Jersey State Police personnel, the Sheriff's Office of Passaic County and a local task force for the DEA. Four of the arrested individuals were apprehended in their cars. In one of the arrests, state troopers located a vehicle on Interstate 80 with two suspects inside. Officials also claim to have found heroin distribution and packaging materials in the vehicle.

2 New Jersey residents arrested on drug charges

Undercover police officers have arrested two individuals in Hackettstown, alleging that they were involved in a heroin drug ring. The drug charges come following a two-month long investigation. Authorities in New Jersey claim that they discovered guns, heroin and crack cocaine in connection with the alleged crimes.

The arrested individuals are a 42-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman. They were taken into custody on a recent Thursday. Police claim that they were trafficking drugs and have also filed illegal weapons charges against them. Court documents allege that the man has sold heroin at least two different times since Feb. 11. They also claim that the woman sold heroin on Feb. 19.

New Jersey man charged with DUI

A New Jersey man from Budd Lake was recently apprehended by authorities on charges of drunk driving. A passenger in the man's vehicle was also arrested after police determined that an outstanding warrant was out for his arrest. In addition to being charged with DUI, the 29-year-old driver of the vehicle was also charged with refusing to take a Breathalyzer test, driving recklessly and failing to use his headlights.

According to police, the arrest took place at about 1:20 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning. Police pulled over a motor vehicle, which was allegedly traveling on the roadway with a broken headlight. Police allege that the driver appeared to be inebriated. They conducted a field sobriety test and ultimately decided to arrest the man.

New Jersey drug charges: Did father use toddler as drug mule?

A New Jersey man was recently arrested and accused of hiding drugs in his toddler's clothing. Allegedly, the child was found at a daycare center with 48 packets of heroin in his clothing. The 27-year-old father was subsequently taken into custody and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. It may well be that drug charges will also be filed as the case proceeds.

After the 27-year-old father was apprehended by police, he was booked into jail. As of March 12, he was still being held on bail of $85,000. Should the man succeed in posting bail, he will be released from custody while he faces the criminal charges in a courtroom.

New Jersey man accused of driving while intoxicated and homicide

A New Jersey man has been indicted on charges of drunk driving and aggravated manslaughter, something which is often difficult enough to endure under the best of circumstances. The 37-year-old Jersey City resident was accused of causing the deaths of multiple family members, something which may be even harder to have to handle. Allegedly, he was driving while intoxicated following a family gathering.

The man faces multiple charges, including three counts of aggravated manslaughter (first degree), three counts of vehicular homicide (second degree) and one count of assault by motor vehicle (third degree). He also faces five counts of assault by motor vehicle (fourth degree) and a count of endangering a child's welfare. Finally, he has been charged with drunk driving, reckless driving and other driving violations.

7 New Jersey residents face drug charges

Narcotics detectives in New Jersey took seven people into custody on a recent Sunday night for alleged drug violations. The suspects were charged with possessing over $13,000 of drugs and three loaded guns. In addition to their drug charges, police allege that the arrested individuals were members of a street gang.

Authorities believe that the accused individuals were selling marijuana and heroin from an apartment, which is located on the first floor of a three story house. Three of the individuals were apprehended in that residence. Four of them were arrested outside of the building. Allegedly, they had been selling controlled substances off the front steps of the residence.

Multiple New Jersey drivers face drug charges after traffic stops

Traffic stops commonly result in drug charges in the event that police suspect a driver may be under the influence of drugs. They may also result in drug charges if police suspect the driver is in the possession of controlled substances. In fact, in recent months, police officers in New Jersey arrested several individuals on drug charges after pulling them over in routine traffic stops.

In one of the arrests, police stopped a motor vehicle driven by a 20-year-old man. While they were speaking with him, officers allegedly noticed drug paraphernalia in the man's car. Police say they proceeded to search the man's vehicle and discovered a bag of marijuana. He was subsequently arrested and charged with marijuana possession, in addition to his traffic offenses.

New Jersey man arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated

New Jersey authorities recently arrested a man on charges of drunk driving. However, police allege that the man resisted arrest. As such, driving while intoxicated is not the only charge he will have to face in court. Indeed, his alleged behavior has seemingly made something that was already a difficult situation even worse.

According to New Jersey authorities, they pulled over a 43-year-old man who was driving his vehicle in Hackettstown along Route 45. Upon stopping the man, however, police say that he refused to get out of his vehicle. In fact, police say that he held onto his steering wheel tightly and even leveraged his foot against the door jamb so that officers found it exceedingly difficult to remove him.

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