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New Jersey authorities arrest two for drug possession

Many illegal drugs are illegal for good reason. Substances such as cocaine and heroin are extremely addictive and extremely dangerous, often causing users to do reckless or dangerous acts while under the influence or simply to get another fix. It is for this reason that law enforcement officials are so persistent and zealous in their attempts to keep drugs off the streets, with many drug busts coming after weeks, months or even years of investigative labor. However, not all investigations are as accurate or legal as they could be.

Factors that can lead to aggravated DUI charges

Drunk driving charges are extremely serious criminal charges that can lead to fines, license suspension or even jail time. Being convicted of drunk driving may not only affect your social standing and your permanent record but may also affect your ability to drive at all. However, there are certain factors that may make a drunk driving conviction even more serious, leading to enhanced penalties.

Forced sex with a spouse is still sexual assault

Domestic violence is a serious criminal accusation that can result from many different circumstances or activities. There are many types of domestic abuse recognized by the law, including physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse and more. It's not uncommon for simple arguments to result in heightened emotions, and accidents do happen, but one particular area in which there is little legal latitude is with domestic violence involving sex crimes.

Man convicted of fraud scheme against New Jersey bank

When you are convicted of a crime, there will obviously be legal consequences such as jail time, but there are other things that make a white collar crime conviction, in particular, dangerous to those convicted. Perhaps the two most serious dangers are the lasting effects on an individual's career and the amount of money usually involved in such cases. White collar crimes often deal with tens of thousands of dollars, meaning that a conviction could lead to serious fines or repayments.

What is a juvenile delinquent?

The phrase "juvenile delinquent" is not unheard of in our society, but many people do not have to experience the use of such a phrase firsthand. Unfortunately, this is not true of everyone, and juvenile delinquency is a concern that some parents and children across the country must contend with. A juvenile delinquent is any minor, usually teenagers, who violate the law. This distinction exists to differentiate adults who engage in criminal activity from younger individuals who engage in similar activities but with different legal penalties.

New Jersey seeks to crack down on unemployment fraud

When we use the term white collar crime, we are generally referring to financial crimes that involves cheating or swindling money away from another person or entity through deceitful means. Unfortunately the phrase white collar crime can sometimes lead people to think that they need not worry about the legal area, but the truth is that you do not necessarily have to have a white collar job in order to be facing accusations of white collar crime.

The right defense may prevent drunk driving convictions

If you are accused of driving while intoxicated, it is imperative that you seek legal action immediately. In an ideal world, you would speak with an attorney before you even speak with the police, but many people are not aware of this, and they do not take advantage of their right to remain silent. If you are accused of any crime, including DUI, you do not have to say or do anything that may be used against you, and you have the right to speak with an attorney.

Legal penalties for sex crime convictions in New Jersey

Most states have extremely serious legal penalties for sex crime convictions, and New Jersey is no exception. In New Jersey, sexual assault is the legal phrase that you must be concerned about as an accused person. If you are accused of sexual assault, you could be facing serious legal penalties in the event of a conviction. Depending on the circumstances of the accusation, these penalties could be more severe or less severe.

New Jersey motorist arrested on drug charges

There is no such thing as a light criminal charge; every criminal charge should be treated with the utmost severity and importance. However, this does not mean that some criminal charges are more serious than others, and certain drug charges are amongst the most serious criminal convictions, often leading to years of jail time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. The severity of these charges can change based on the type of drug and the quantity of the drug or drugs involved in your charges as well as many other factors.

Helping juveniles take advantage of their legal rights

It is most common to think of adults when one thinks of criminal charges and those most likely to be facing them. Generally speaking, we attach the faces of young adults or middle-aged individuals to the reports of domestic violence or drug charges, but it is very possible for younger individuals to face these charges as well. The law may treat these younger suspects slightly differently, but age does not omit you from being a potential suspect in a criminal case.

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